Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know that you are doing the best work?

We will offer a detailed quotation according to the work that would include a stepwise procedure for painting along with other details like stripping of paint. We also supervise the entire work and on the final day, there will be a review that provides our authenticity.

I have collected multiple quotations from different painting companies all of which have dissimilar pricing. Why?

No two painting company will offer the same job this is why the price varies. You should also know that the cheapest price is not always adequate.
Make sure the quotations are from reputed companies. Pricing varies because of different ways of work, public liability cover and the products used.

How do you offer a quotation for a project?

We follow a specific set of steps before giving you the quotation of the project. At first, we will meet you after you have made an appointment and discuss your requirements. Then we will look forward to the evaluation of the property and the results that you can expect. We will also look in case you require additional blemishes removing treatment. Colour scheme makes the property all the more magnificent. After the initial discussion, we will prepare you are written report that will contain the court and the steps for which you will be charged accordingly.

How do you prepare yourself for painting?

It is very important than the surface is prepped extensively for a durable painting job. We look to get rid of any grease, mould and dirt. We can also use pressure washing to get rid of the old paints. We sand the surface and fill the gaps before painting smoothly. At last, we go for a prime coating to seal the paint.

What is your painting process?

We have a specific way to undertake any painting job that includes:

  • Setting up the entire place

  • Preparing ourselves for the painting job

  • Painting the surfaces according to the colour scheme

  • Completion of the job within the time

What do you guarantee with your painting job?

You will get different kinds of warranties like:

  • Timely working

  • Polite behaviour with the occupants

  • Meeting the deadline every time

  • Start and end the work on time

  • Clean up the mess at the site

Are your painters certified and trained?

All of our Mosman Painters are certified and trained to perfection. Our printers follow Australian standards and member of the Master Painters Association so that they are able to give you flawless work.

Do you outsource to subcontractors?

We send our efficient and knowledgeable employees to perform on painting job but if required we may take help from subcontractors for high-quality work. We also monitor the work consistently to look out for any flaws.

Does the painters work themselves?

Most of our printers are well equipped and experienced in their way of work. So don't have to worry about them making a mess. We generally send a team for painting work so that there is no lag.

Are you insured?

Mosman painters are fully insured with Public Liability Insurance and WorkCover Insurance.

Safety Standards

Mosman Painters employees and sub-contractors follow strict safety standards in accordance with our Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Management Procedures. All our employees are site safety induced and have induction cards and experience for all the tasks we undertake.

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